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co-created by Kit Brookman & André Jewson

Geelong Arts Centre // June 21-25, 2022

Mountain is the story of a man in pieces.

Adrift in grief, he becomes fixated by the idea of hiking up a mountain. But even on the simplest of journeys it can be difficult to find the way back…

The man’s journey up the mountain opens precipitously outward, to encompass not just his own voice, but the voice of the mountain, the wind, of a planet crying out for what it’s losing and what it’s already lost.

Shifting perspectives from the deeply personal to the epic, this new solo work by writer/director Kit Brookman and performer André Jewson is a determined search for hope amidst utter devastation.

Mountain is a hymn to the transformative power of grief, to the wonder of the unknown.

Available for national touring.

Co-produced by Sweet Reason, Performing Lines, Geelong Arts Centre, The Art House Wyong and Goulburn Performing Arts Centre.

Developed with the support of Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine grants program.

The production of Mountain has been supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative. 

Le Vide

co-created by Kate Walder & André Jewson

Steps & Holes Theatre Company

Le Vide or “the empty’“ is an exploration of the space that opens up after a sudden, unexpected force hits our lives. What happens when we’re knocked off our feet and there is nothing to hold onto? Must we admit our vulnerability, our fragility and become the tragic hero of our story? Do we enter the darkness in search of the shadow, so that we can rescue ourselves and eventually find the light?

Explored through the poetry of T S Eliot, Ted Hughes and classical archetypes, Le Vide is a journey into the dark, chaotic and beautiful world of the unknown.

WINNER: NIDA Best in Design Award
Best in Physical Theatre Nominee

By Steps & Holes Theatre Company, Sydney Fringe Festival 2019

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